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Things about you:

  • You’re actively exploring your gender identity and/or expression and love the idea of spectrums of identity and expression

  • You struggle with fraudy feelings

  • You tend to be insightful about yourself

  • You’re ready and willing to make changes in your life and are open to taking some risks

  • You’re open to new ways of viewing things

  • You’re willing to let your life get easier

  • You consider yourself some combination of creative/queer/artistic/entrepreneurial/driven/witchy/nerdy

  • You’re sex and pleasure positive, including not yucking someone’s yum around topics related to BDSM and polyamory

  • #BlackTransLivesMatter

  • You’re 18+ years old

Things about me (Rae!):

  • I’m a compassionate challenger and really good at noticing patterns and limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you

  • I’m great at painting a picture of a hopeful future and brainstorming how to get you there

  • I talk a lot about feelings

  • I have a bias to action (Double Capricorn, Virgo Moon energy)

  • I’m gonna say shit like, “I have double Capricorn, Virgo moon energy“

  • I believe that pleasure is resistance to oppression

  • #BlackTransLivesMatter

  • #SexWorkIsWork

If it sounds like you’d like to grab a hypothetical coffee/cocktail and chat about life with me for hours, then GenderFck might be the place for you.

Ready to Apply to be a part of GenderFck?

The first step is to schedule a call with me. I’m very selective about who I work with and require all potential participants to have an interview before we decide together if the program is a good fit for you and your needs.

Use the calendar below to book your Exploratory Call. If you can't find a time that works, email me at

I’ve committed to offering 10% of program spots as a scholarship position at a 75% discount, available via application only. Other program participants will also have the opportunity to donate towards this scholarship fund to bring that 75% down even further for a limited number of participants. Interested in a scholarship? Book an exploratory call here.