See a future that’s worth having.

Things about you:

  • You’re actively exploring your gender identity and/or expression and love the idea of spectrums of identity and expression

  • You struggle with fraudy feelings

  • You tend to be insightful about yourself

  • You’re ready and willing to make changes in your life and are open to taking some risks

  • You’re open to new ways of viewing things

  • You’re willing to let your life get easier

  • You consider yourself some combination of creative/queer/artistic/entrepreneurial/driven/witchy/nerdy

  • You’re sex and pleasure positive, including not yucking someone’s yum around topics related to BDSM and polyamory

  • #BlackTransLivesMatter

  • You’re 18+ years old

Things about me (Rae!):

  • I’m a compassionate challenger and really good at noticing patterns and limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you

  • I’m great at painting a picture of a hopeful future and brainstorming how to get you there

  • I talk a lot about feelings

  • I have a bias to action (Double Capricorn, Virgo Moon energy)

  • I’m gonna say shit like, “I have double Capricorn, Virgo moon energy“

  • I believe that pleasure is resistance to oppression

  • #BlackTransLivesMatter

  • #SexWorkIsWork

If it sounds like you’d like to grab a hypothetical coffee/cocktail and chat about life with me for hours, then GenderFck might be the place for you.

Are you ready to confidently move forward in your gender transition/journey?

The first step is to fill out the application. I’m very selective about who I work with and screen all potential participants to see if the program is a good fit for you and your needs. If it’s not, cool! I’ll tell you that and try to provide some alternative resources.

Not sure if GenderFck is right for you? Email with any questions.