a one-of-a-kind, research-based, 10-week online group coaching program that is designed to help you tap into a sense of play, pleasure, and possibility while exploring your gender


The Framework:


Week 1: Unearth Resiliency

Transitioning your gender can be an overwhelming, confusing, and anxiety-provoking process. Discover innate resiliency/flexibility/adaptability, address common sources of anxiety, and discover science-based coping skills that work at each phase of transition. Explore concepts and language related to gender identity and expression.

Week 2: Dare To Delight

You sometimes feel like you want to take your skin off and leave it somewhere. Simply existing feels hard and you don’t feel at ease in your own skin. So let me ask you, “would it be ok with you if your life got easier?” Tap into self-love and self-compassion and give yourself permission to feel calm, confident, and powerful right now.

Week 3: OWn Your Magic

Intense self-reflection, experimenting with identities, expression, new sexual and relationship skills, desires, and new ways of being in the world is often a daunting task in a world that doesn't always validate or support our various, intersecting identities. Learn to ask good questions and challenge limiting beliefs that will help you actively explore and engage with yourself in new ways to create harmony between your identity and how you express yourself in the world. Find the things that bring you pleasure, make you light up, and make you feel most like yourself.


Week 4: Unlock your Erotic Mind

Many people experience physical, emotional, and mental barriers to eroticism and feel blocked in this area. Discover normalizing, empowering, and practical tools that gives you permission, inspiration, and skills to tap into your eroticism no matter what barriers you’re facing.

Week 5: Pleasure Yourself

Folks often feel disconnected from their own bodies and isolated from others as a result of gender/body dysphoria, systemic oppression, trauma, pain, relationship issues, anxiety, etc. Learn to mindfully connect to pleasure with your 5 senses in order to get re-connected to your own body and learn skills to connect to other’s bodies in ways that feel safe, consensual, and pleasurable.

Week 6: Queer it up

We put pleasure, eroticism, intimacy, and sensuality in a tiny box when we only reserve these words for romantic and sexual relationships. Learn to “Queer” ideas about intimacy as reserved for monogamous, heterosexual, committed relationships in order to expand their meaning beyond sexual and romantic relationships as a cornerstone of being able to use this energy as connection and inspiration.


Week 7: Create space

Transitioning one area of your life sheds light on the other areas that could use some upgrades. Learn to bring intentionality to all areas of life to create space for growth and change. Fuck the glass ceiling. Take up space. Put passion and energy into the things you care about, regardless of the outcome.

Week 8: curate Kinship

Making a huge transformation in your life can feel isolating, especially when that transition isn’t always supported by the larger culture. Learn ways to find and cultivate relationships and community that feels like a chosen family-people and spaces that have your back and where you can bring all the parts of you and be affirmed and celebrated. Start with this program.

Week 9: Cultivate Pride

That shame monster is real! Many people struggle with internalized shame/that feeling of never being enough and being too much at the same time in some way well into the transition process. Move towards identity integration and pride-unpack internalized shame in identity, sexuality, bodies, and relationships and connect with the larger community, own your story, connect to a greater meaning.

Week 10: Wrap Up & Celebrate


GenderFck includes:

  • Guidance, support, and coaching by an experienced and credentialed gender and certified sex therapist for the length of the program with some continuous engagement in the alumni facebook group, along with support from other qualified coaches and your peer

  • Welcome/Introduction video and checklist- explains how program works and how to use it to make the most of it

  • One weekly group coaching Call

  • One one on One coaching call with Rae

  • Weekly Video related to framework (I give homework!)

  • Weekly Newsletter related to content with action and accountability steps

  • Facebook group/membership site with access to an alumni group afterward

  • Access to a ongoing resource library that includes Resources related to medical transition, finding affirming providers, coping skills, media recommendations

  • Access to in-person celebration events

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much does GenderFck cost?

Great question! I did a lot of soul-searching about what to charge for this program and, after talking with lots of friends, coaches, and my own therapist (fraudy feelings anyone?), I came to a number that allows me to have a small enough cohort size that me and my team can give each participant the personal attention and care that I believe they need to get the result they want. I’m keeping the program small in order to be able to truly go deep with folks in the way I want in a way that is also sustainable for me as a therapist and a coach. I’m committed to bringing my best self to the work which means that I’m budgeting in what I need to create a business model that allows time for learning, rest, self-care, and growth. It also accounts for the price of tech, support staff, and additional coaches.

This means that for me to be in integrity and deliver the level of support and service that I want, GenderFck is a four figure investment.

I've chosen to talk about the investment for this program during the free exploratory call in order to walk folks through the entire process to discover if they would fit and then find ways to help that person out rather than eliminate the possibility of joining because of a price point. If you're interested in learning more or want to talk through how to make this program happen for you, please book a call to dive in a little deeper.

+ Do you offer discounts?

I'm commmited to offering 10% of the open spots in group as a 75% off scholarship. Please see the work with me page for the scholarship application

+ When does GenderFck start?

GenderFck is slated to start in late summer/early fall

+ What is your refund policy?

GenderFck has a no-refund policy. I take great care in only accepting folks into the program that I believe will truly benefit from the work. Because of the small cohort size and intimate feel of the group I want folks 100% in from day one. I've found that offering an "out" keeps folks from really investing in themselves and the process right away.